Trent Kaufman Keynote Address: Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

January 18, 2017| Jeff Swift
Trent Kaufman, Cicero Group CEO and founder of Ed Direction, discusses how "Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch" at a 2016…
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Parent Engagement in Student Success

December 13, 2016| Trent Kaufman, Kalisi Uluave and Michelle Call
School leaders who want to improve student performance can tap into a combination of these elements. In this paper—the fifth…
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The Rationale for Coaching Principals

January 5, 2017| Marci Houseman and Matthew Teitter
Could I have a coach? Principals who witness the correlation between coaching and improvements in teaching and learning may ask…
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We maximize student achievement through evidence-based practices.

Ed Direction is a premier provider of school turnaround and transformation services. By partnering and collaborating with existing school and district staff, we maximize student achievement by providing personalized support with evidence-based practices to increase student success.

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