Small Rural Elementary School

February 12, 2016| Cicero Institute
The superintendent of a rural school district engaged Ed Direction to help him turn around a state-defined “failing” elementary school.…
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Reforming Data-Driven Education Reform in 2016

April 1, 2016| Trent Kaufman
As we close the No Child Left Behind era and enter the age of Every Student Succeeds, it is safe…
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Large Suburban District

February 12, 2016| Cicero Institute
In a large suburban district in financial and organizational disarray, the school board asked the Ed Direction team to help…
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We maximize student achievement through evidence-based practices.

Ed Direction is a premier provider of school turnaround and transformation services. By partnering and collaborating with existing school and district staff, we maximize student achievement by providing personalized support with evidence-based practices to increase student success.

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